Why Tea Sachets?

Tea Sachets vs. Tea Bags

Tea Sachets

If the hardware necessary to brew loose tea just seems like too much to you, our whole leaf pyramid sachets may literally be your cup of tea.

Our sachets are pyramid-shaped bags that contain high quality whole leaf teas. The pyramid shape allows for better flow of water to surround the tea leaves which expand to release their full flavor spectrum, much like in the loose tea steeping process—similar result without the loose-tea hardware hassle. Also, the quantity is measured for you, ensuring an awesome cup every time. Our whole leaf pyramid sachets give you the quality of loose leaf tea, with the convenience of a tea bag.

Our tea sachets make having great whole leaf tea easy whether you’re looking to relax, work, or on the go.


Tea Bags

Tea bags are another option. The appeal of tea bags is they are cheap and easy. However, what you gain in convenience, you lose in quality. Tea bags contain the lowest quality tea. They contain broken leaves and even fannings (tea dust). Whole tea leaves are not used in tea bags as their size does not allow whole leaves to expand as they do in infusers or sachets.